Using astrological symbolism in order to understand the ebbs and flows of the real estate industry giving rise to commercial investment opportunities

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What Is Real Estate Syndication?

Real estate syndication brings the power of group buying to the world of real estate investing. A group of individual investors can invest in bigger, more valuable properties than each person could afford alone. Syndication is an effective way for a group of investors to pool their financial resources and make smart investments. Multifamily commercial properties like apartment complexes and condo communities are some of the most profitable projects for real estate syndicates.

National Statistics:

  • Over 47,000 investors participated in commercial real estate syndications last year.
  • The average size of a real estate offering was $2.5 million.
  • Passive investors contributed 80-100% of the initial capital investment.
  • Sponsors contributed 0-20% of the initial capital investment.
  • Investors received a preferred return ranging from 4-10%.
  • Sponsors netted an acquisition and disposition fee of 1-3%.
  • Sponsors netted a property management fee between 2-9%.

Why Choose Us

Investment expertise

Our professionals have the experience to choose wise investments and the ability to manage real estate syndication effectively.

Diversified investments

Unlike a single owner, real estate investors in a syndicate can diversify their real estate investments across multiple properties.

Access to larger properties

Real estate syndication allows the investor to acquire interests in larger properties than they could own as a direct investor.

Passive income

Simplified process for you, only focus on cash flow from your rental properties/liquidity.

Tax Benefits

Enjoy benefits caused by lower demand, deflation, age of the building, etc.

Reduced risk

We do our very best to reduce the risk involved by spreading financial investments accordingly.

Inflation Protection

Real estate offers predictable returns than stocks and a consistent ROI for investors.

Specialty Investors

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About Us

Specialty Investors is a real estate syndication company. We provide individuals and investment partners the astrology knowledge of the best real estate investment opportunities.

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